Georgia Pushing For New Army Command In Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA — Federal lawmakers from Georgia are pushing for the U.S. Army to locate a new command focusing on modernizing the military branch in Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia’s delegation to Congress has written a letter to Army Secretary Mark Esper asking that the city be considered as home to the newly […]

Atlanta Traffic Among Worst In US And Worldwide: Report

ATLANTA, GA — Every driver in the Atlanta metro knows that the commutes are a nightmare, but you may not know that the traffic is among the worst not only in this country, but in the world. If you’re a driver in the United States, you’re probably intimately familiar with what traffic jams look like, […]

Make The Move To Midtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta is an exciting place to live. It is upscale and you can find lots of shopping and entertainment opportunities that are going to make life more fun and give you more to do. Housing in midtown Atlanta is at a premium and you can find lots of luxury apartments to enjoy when you […]

Two Reasons To Visit Atlanta During The Fall

If you will be driving cross country, headed to the East Coast, you will likely cross through Georgia. When you do, you need to head into Atlanta, a city that has become very popular due to the many fans of the Walking Dead series. You can actually take tours to go to the places where […]

Some Salient Features of Luxurious Apartments

As a result of overwhelming population growth and increase in land prices, apartments for living have proven out to be a brilliant alternative. Some people think of apartments as a simple living place. Their main focus is on comfort and necessities of life a person needs without any concern for luxuries. On the contrary, some […]

How to Build Your Own Apartment For Selling Purposes

With the increased demand for apartments needed for living space, one can certainly go for making luxury apartments Raleigh NC for himself or for giving on rent. Especially renting apartments can be an efficient business. Monthly income in the form of apartment’s rent can have an impact on one’s financial status. Apartments should have certain […]