Two Reasons To Visit Atlanta During The Fall


If you will be driving cross country, headed to the East Coast, you will likely cross through Georgia. When you do, you need to head into Atlanta, a city that has become very popular due to the many fans of the Walking Dead series. You can actually take tours to go to the places where they have done filming, but there are also other places that you will like to see. Here are the two top reasons that most people go to Atlanta during the fall.

Stone Mountain Park Sky Lift Cable Car

There is an enormous stone rock that has a cable tour where you can take yourself, or family and friends, up to the top of this rock. It is called Stone Mountain Park because it is literally a giant stone that you can get to the top of. You will have wonderful views that you will see, and if you have ever been on a ski lift before, this is much better because you are safely inside. It’s a great place to visit during the fall when the leaves are starting to change, all viewed from the top of this enormous rock.

Historic Fourth Ward Park

This is a park that you definitely need to see because of the beautiful flowers that you will be able to look at as you are walking through the park. You can also rent bikes which will make it easier to go through the entire location. Traveling here during the fall is going to be an amazing experience because of all of the different colors that you will be able to see. It’s a spot that people will visit when they go to the Beltline Lantern Festival, or any of the other activities that are happening at that time. If you can go during the autumn months, there will be very few places that will be as beautiful as this park.

These destinations should be at the top of your list if you are the type of person that likes the great outdoors. You won’t have to do a lot of hiking, and you will get to a very high location where you can see a phenomenal view. If you haven’t been to Atlanta, or even Georgia in the past, it’s time to book your trip. Start planning for a trip during the months of July and August, and you will certainly be rewarded with what you will see.